Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vision Quest, Part 1

Here are the responses (and card images) from the twelve Vision Quest exercises presented for my individual final:

My Eyes:

5: As a narcissist, I loved this one!
4: Enjoyed being able to look at other eye and not just from a mirror.

Angle Eye:

2: Hard without glasses, and the tubes got in the way of viewing.
1: There just wasn't enough image by the time it gets out of the periscope. With larger lenses, it could be interesting.

Back Eyes:

3: It was hard to see without my glasses but it was cool
2.3: Hard to incorporate visuals into spatial relation to self.

Lizard Eyes:

3.5: Can really only see from one eye, but that one eye really gives a great experience.
3: A new type of seeing double articulation

Cross Eyes:

4: Fun, hard to switch from eye to eye
3.5: This is great after spending a while looking - your eyes kind of swap places so blue is red/red is blue. Takes some time though.

Dino Eyes:

5+++: This was a total head-f**k. The stereoscopic effect was amazing. I was amazed at the extreme 3-D in conjunction with the lack of depth of field.
5: The best part was discovering the correlation between visual depth of field and physical-spatial depth.

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