Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vision Quest, Part 2


3: Tunnelography
2: Similar to angle eyes, once again, a very small image by the time it gets through the periscope.

The Elephant and the Mouse:

3: Great different perspectives.
3.5: Double perspective: high and low self relation to world from diminished and elevated standpoint.

Tummy Eyes:

3: Lower center of gravity!
3.5: It's like being super short, better to watch someone using them because it throws you off completely.

Giraffe Eyes:

4: Hard with glasses again, but it was really interesting to see above my height level
5: I felt TALL for the first time. Also, just dislocating vision from the area between my nose/forehead.

Downward Eyes:

4.5: Body centered vision, chest/hand centered self
5: So cool! Great experience to have your eyes ha a focused new view

Upward Eyes:

4: Combination regular vision and upward is interesting
5: It was really cool to see the ceiling when you walk around

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