Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Blind Photography - Darwin


I wanted to do my blind photography project on "edges". At this time of the year, the mountainside is full of edges - particularly the edge between dry land and snow. Because of the low humidity, the snow acts almost like a glacier - different areas of shading and incline will cause different melting patterns, and you end up with very interesting edges. The edges of the snowmass are also the areas where you often get to see the detritus of the winter's soot, pine needles and other messes.

I also thought that the process of finding the edges when blind would be interesting, and that there might be difficulties in finding the edges without disturbing them. Therefore, the process could be difficult - as would be the process of finding the edges without breaking a leg!

Some photos:

Blind Photo 1

Blind Photo 2

Blind Photo 3

Blind Photo 4

Blind Photo 5

Blind Photo 6

These are 6 of 106 photos that I took during my blind photography session (lasting about 6 minutes).


The process of maneuvering wasn't as difficult as I thought, even though I had to do it twice (after the first session, my SD card was destroyed). I was very aware of the incline of the area, so I was able to use that to find a way uphill until I felt the snow under my foot. The then dropped to a knee and tried to feel lightly until I found the edge of the snow and the ground. In some cases, I wandered into a lightly wooded area - thus you see trees and stumps.

The photos are interesting because the auto-focus generally gave good results, but the angles and perspectives are not anything like I would normally choose. In some cases, I do get fingerprints in the snow (one of the above photos shows examples), but in many cases I was able to leave the photo area relatively undisturbed. The results is fairly interesting, with good examples of the snow "reaching" into the shadows, or finding arbitrary stopping points along the way.

Blind Photography Documentation from darwin grosse on Vimeo.


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