Sunday, April 10, 2011


The premise for this particular project was to allow a viewer to have an idea of the experience I had, while presenting it in a way in which the viewer only utilizes two senses to gather the information. While doing the simple and mundane task of washing your hands, you are truly having an array of sensory experiences and a large amount of input is coming into your body for you to delineate and choose whether or not you want to recognize each input. This video piece tries to simplify and put into the context of language, sound and sight the actual experience of washing one's hands.

My goal with this piece was to also recognize the failures of language that come about when one tries to explain their sensory awareness in terms of the simple actions like washing your hands, to the sensory overloads that can occur. Often we cannot put into words exactly how something feels, tastes or even looks like and even though our language has developed a complex use of adjectives, verbs, nouns, etc. many times these "words" don't do the sensory experience justice. Our senses work in such complex arenas that in order to verbalize the act, we repeatedly have no words. The sensory landscape that we take in on each and every day is so vast and complex that perhaps language is not the only avenue we should take to try and relay those thoughts and experiences to others.

I realized all the complexities of our world and body while completing this project and also the failure we all experience while trying to show others in any form what is going on. We all use language because that's what we were taught and it's the societal norm, but this is possibly not the best way to live. We don't always need to put words to something, some things are better left to be processed internally and through our own thoughts and allow other to see, smell,touch, taste and hear what we have.

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