Saturday, April 23, 2011

Creative Project 2: hand sense

For this next creative project I had a very hard time trying to determine what I could do to "perform" words associated with the five senses. Building off my first creative project, I again decided to focus on the actions associated with our hands. Not only do our hands experience such intricate forms of movement and touch, but aid in our production of language, relaying ideas and explaining our experience to other people.

With this idea I picked various words from each sense category and chose with intention so that each word could be understood by only using simple hand gestures and movements. Our hands are not only used for one particular reason or purpose, but represent so much of ourselves and how we perceive the world. Therefore this project embodies the idea that our hands have the ability to relay words associated with all 5 senses through the use of gestures and movements. These performances showcase movements/gestures that our society and culture have deemed acceptable and how we associate gestures with specific senses and their identifying words.

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