Monday, April 11, 2011

Cory - Blind Photography Intentions


My intention for this project is, in a general sense, to attempt to gain a perspective on what it would be like to function as a mostly/legally blind person. On a more specific level, to investigate how light/visual information impacts decisions regarding photographic composition and informs our approach to assigning "primary" importance to objects and spatial dynamics in our environment and how those things change when the scope or resolution of our lens changes. Towards that end I am constructing a simple sunglass mounted vision impairment device made up of layered tissue paper to create a high level of diffusion obscuring normal vision but still allowing simple form and light to be observed. By wearing this device for several hours, I hope to reorient my perceptual apparatus and learn to view the world in a new way. I anticipate psychological discomfort and a need to amplify my perception of other senses to compensate for the loss of spatial orientation precipitated by the change to my sight. After orienting in a safe and familiar environment, I plan to venture out into less familiar territory and take pictures of the space motivated by my new language of perception.

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